Is there something in a name?

Over the years, more than a coincidental number of writers and non-writers, some who didn’t know that I was an aspiring novelist,  have commented, ‘Hilary Moon, now that sounds like an author-in-waiting.’

Hopefully, this is an omen as I  have written two novels so far and a number of short stories.

So what would you like to know about this Hilary Moon, Author-in-waiting?

My twitter profile reads ‘unpublished writer, teacher trainer, weekend sailor, pilates enthusiast, proud mother of two beautiful daughters, weight struggler, red wine drinker, oh and happy wife’.

I guess that about sums me up!

I was born in Old Portsmouth where my liberally-minded dad was classics master at the local grammar school. At the age of 18 months, he took over the running of the school’s boarding house and until the age of eleven I shared my life with up to fifty schoolboys.

I started to write  a daily diary and have done so religiously from the age of 11. Only the year I turned 16 is missing – it was so incriminating that best friend and I burnt our diaries on the beach, scattering the ashes to the wind in true melodramatic fashion .

What most scares me? Without a doubt it’s being alone at night, in the dark quiet.

What book has had the biggest impact?  ‘Under the Net’  by Iris Murdoch because reading it at 15 I was blown away at her ability to write so convincingly as a man.

Who is your favourite author? Rosie Thomas. I have been gripped by all her novels particularly ‘White’.


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